Happy Monday guys! Today I won’t talk too much. I’m going to leave you to get to the credits while I stuff my face with white chocolate pancakes and frothy coffee. I need it today because it was a horrible wet ride back home. Stupid rain. Pancakes, Coffee and me butchering the french language along with my partner in such a heinous crime, Duolingo. The post features a lot of…


In a bed of roses

Today was finally pay day and by all that is holy I have been waiting for this day. I hate that drag over the festive period to waiting till payday January. I held a few pounds in my hand and I felt rich. All the things I could buy for a pound for food. All those days of scrimping on food and trying to make my money last as long…


A girly catch up

This month seems to be the month for renewing acquaintances because besides getting a visit from Ichi I have had a visit from two more of my friends and it’s been so much fun. My virtual home hasn’t seen another virtual form but mine in so long that it’s probably been going through a phase of abject loneliness of it’s own. Simply because when I am in world I am…