It’s just a phase (*nsfw)

(I have marked today’s post as nsfw because well it’s not bad, you see worse in a swimsuit, but it’s not something you would want your boss to see when you’re supposed to be working either. Just like girls in swimsuits) In the recent theme of pinks here comes another with pink as the most dominant force. I like the sound of that actually. It’s like pink is taking over…



Today we are swinging from the Chandeliers, because it’s Thursday and that means that we are close to the weekend. Yay weekend. One more day left of the week to go. It’s been so lovely and sunny the last two days that I hope the weekend shows more of it. Then we would be able to make great use of it. I can’t wait till picnic months come round again.…


The Summoning

Today’s post is a Credits Only post featuring items currently at Collabor88, Sanarae, Fantasy Gacha Carnival event, Enchantment and Frou Frou. Please read on for the credits.   Featuring   Lingerie 1 (parfait): [AsteroidBox] Styx Harness & Panties (Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya, Petite) Pasties can be removed with HUD. @Frou Frou Tattoos: [Stardust] Love Tattoos¬† 10 and 14¬† Black @Sanarae   Lingerie 2: [Aii] Ghostly Countess Nightwear (Freya, HG, Isis, Maitreya,…