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Quiet Oasis

Today’s scenery is based on a desert scenery. Should you be lucky enough to have an oasis in the middle of the dessert propped up high on a tiled balcony area, maybe it might look like this. Oasis’ in the desert have always been fascinating to me since most people only seem to see them when they are parched dry and dying of thirst. At least it has been so…

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The Garden Cafe

If the Spring time weather allows, even for a short period of time we’re going to have an out door Spring Party down at The Garden Cafe. There will be drinks, sandwiches and yummy treats but you’ll have to turn up early. If you dawdle they might all be gone. Bears can get mighty hungry! Today’s post is featuring the Garden Cafe caravan set from What Next alongside the Backyard…

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Lakeside view

I hadn’t done anything landscape in awhile. I like making them, I want to try and make more but when you are limited to¬† a small skybox and you rezz a set of builds there is only so much you can get in before you run out of space. I also seem to have a shortage of landscaping tools which I am slowly trying to work on. My tiny collection…