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It’s New Year’s eve and I hope you are going to get to spend it with someone even if it is the over excitable people on the TV as they count in the New Year. Unless of course you’re going to fall asleep for the countdown. There are even lots of choices for New Year Parties all over the grid. In the coming year I want to be brave enough…

Fashion & Decor

Come, look into my eyes

You’ll have to come a lot closer than that, silly. Yes, yes that’s perfectly fine right there. Now that you are closer and we are eye to eye, I have a secret to tell you. Are you ready to hear it? Good. Well, here it goes… I’m a witch and I know how to turn you into a chubby little frog.   Featuring ♡ Hair: [KMH Hair] F121 @Okinawa ♡…