Baby come back

Today we’re having a credits only post only because today I’m not feeling very well. I still wanted to show you how much cuteness there was to be had today. I’m so squee about it all because I somewhat modelled her on one of my sim characters. I’ll tell you something for nothing, downstairs at this very moment, there’s a man that has been drilling most of the day. It’s…

Fashion & Decor

Num Nums

I was about to call this post ‘num nums’ simply because that is all I was thinking of the whole way through  setting the scene for this shot and it didn’t go away during the editing phase…ah why not then. Forgotten Chores is now simply Num Nums. I’m in a silly mood so we’ll go with it. Give me a moment… There, sorted. So today, my computer decided to tell…


A moment to relax

I’m going to start by saying, I had such a nice sleep yesterday. I feel so well rested and headache free. Guess what I did this morning then? that’s right, I went in-world and actually enjoyed myself again. Shopping was fun better yet since it was more a hunt followed by a mixture of Happy weekend, Wanderlust and The Epiphany. I felt rich with just a small amount of money.…