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…It only appears at night

  It’s officially the end of the month, did you get everything done that you wanted to? I didn’t but most of it was done.I should be thankful for that at least, right? I’m looking forward to doing it all over again. The planning and yet not ever finishing my ‘to do’ list. My computer is groaning and lagging so badly today that this is going to be a quick…

Fashion & Decor

You are Trespassing

“…and we have special ways of dealing with ‘trespassers“ Here’s another story themed picture that I just had fun with. It’s probably worth noting that if you see shenanigans going on in a rundown, abandoned building it’s probably not worth ducking in to take a look. You might run into all sorts of dangers including supernatural going ons that don’t concern you. She doesn’t even look impressed to find you…

Fashion & Decor

Making Magic

I wanted something fun and bright when making my next picture. One of those colourful images that makes you either squint or leaves you enraptured with the shiny. It’s the magpie effect. So, today I’m bringing you more goodies from Collabor88 but also some fun things from the freshly opened round of ‘The Girl Power Event’ if you haven’t been you really should. Both events helped make today’s magical style.It’s…