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Little Kitties

Today’s post is terribly late in the day but I wanted to get it up anyway because I will be off to study and won’t be able to post tomorrow. It’s a jam packed day for me tomorrow. I’ll be having to go take my theory test. I’m nervous about it but pass or fail it will be a good experience for me. I’m going to try not to be…

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We can light up the sky

It’s new years’ eve eve. Have you started making plans for what you’re going to be doing for New Year’s Eve and New years day? how are you going to start your year and have you prepared your resolutions in advance? Have you made plans for places to visit for the new year in Second Life? Because if you haven’t well, have I got a place you could visit for…

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Which witch are you?

I’m the kind of witch that brings a cauldron full of sweeties as opposed to eye of newt or boiled heads and lizard tongues. I hop through hallow trees cackling in delight at all the bags and bags of candy that I’m going to give to¬† sweet-toothed humans. They will smile in delight and thank me for my kindness… Until their bellies are round and full and they are writhing…