Fashion & Decor

Contemplating you

What could it be that needs thinking about so hard? Maybe Bear is thinking ‘what’s for tea?’┬ábecause I know I am. I’ve been so hungry…all day long. How can food burn off so fast when I have barely done anything today. All I want is to eat. I’ve been filling this weird ravenous desire to eat eat eat with popcorn but now it’s also finished and everything is sad again.…


I stole your heart

Thank goodness it’s Friday. I don’t know about anyone else but this week has felt like it dragged. I’ve woken up tired and gone to sleep tired. I think it’s the cold coming back. It makes beds far too tempting because they are warm and snug. If you’ve been struggling with the week too I have good news for you. You made it to the end. I’m looking forward to…


The things I love

[dropcap]Some [/dropcap]of my favourate things sparkle, some of my favourate things glimmer. Some of my favourate things smell nice and others are made of pure femininity. Some catch the light in special ways, others brush my skin like a butterfly kiss. Some of my favourate things jingle and the music forms the backing track of my life but in all things…they are always pink. If you’ve not passed by the…