Under the sea

Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter…   I think Bear was having a Mermaid moment on our way to Mermaid Cove. Have you been to Mermaid Cove yet? No? It’s amazing! You get to go under the water. I found myself entirely too eager to get to the underwater part that I full on skipped right past the main stalls on the surface and dived into the water as…

Home and Decor

Cuddling up by the fire

I am beginning to think that when I am cold I make warm pictures, fireplaces, candles, snuggly places, things like that. Want to know how I can begin to suspect such a thing? because I happen to be feeling cold today too. Please enjoy today’s scenery and I hope it helps the warmth spread to your finger tips and your toes if you’re feeling cold too.   Build: [FOURTH WALL] Mountain…