Fashion & Decor

Down for Brunch

It’s time for brunch and there’s a virtual spread to be had. Cubbie isn’t too sure about the new fellows that seem to have joined the household. Hiding away seems to be the most comfortable thing to do. At least for the time being. I think the food will soon lure everyone out. Barriers will fall, food will be had and it will be happy tummies all round. The bunnies…

Fashion & Decor

An afternoon’s mess

Hi! Happy Friday everyone, you seem to have caught bear at a disadvantage but she doesn’t at all look too put out to see you.   Featuring… ♡ Table and couch set: [Ionic] Just a Perfect Day – Hang out – RARE @Equal10 ♡ Digital clock: [Ionic] Just a Perfect Day – Wake up time! 1li @Equal10 ♡ Magazine, croissant and coffee set:  [Ionic] Just a Perfect Day – Breakfast…