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It’s a made up word but that’s okay. It completely fits. It’s a picture in a Caravan, with food and drinks and a friend. There isn’t too much to say about today’s post simply because I’m quite tired tonight. I don’t intend to give in to sleeping for as long as I can since today is my Friday and I intend to use it well but it also means that…

Fashion & Decor

The last Icecream van

You may have noticed that there is nary an ice-cream van to see anymore. They all seem to have slowly head off into the sunset. They’ve disappeared from around here at least and I for one will miss the tinkling melody in the air. I have to give up the happy sound of summer till next year and this thought is entirely depressing. So, Bear is out and about with…

Fashion & Decor

BBQ time

Have you had a barbecue yet? I haven’t. Then again I live in a flat so it’s a little bit hard to have a barbecue. I am however surprised that no one around me has yet had one since the weather has been so good for it. I usually live vicariously through the smells of smoke and barbecue filtering through my window. But no one has made a barbecue in…