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Hi everyone, happy Saturday. did you do anything fun today? I did, can you guess what it was? that’s right…lot’s of shopping on Second Life. I felt better for a bit it was nice. My tooth is absolutely hammering me today so this is definately an ‘I need shopping therapy’ day. I can’t spend the whole day just sleeping to escape hurty teeth but oh how tempting it is. It’s…


Deer Pink

When things come in pink they are usually the best things in the world. When I saw these cute legs from Sweet Thing I was in awe. When I saw pink was one of the colours I screamed the roof off. Okay…so I exaggerate. The roof is still on. Barely. Featuring ♡ Horns: [Sweet Thing] Nature’s Crown – Ornamented {@Mainstore} ♡ Ears: [Sweet Thing] Nara Ears (Bento and Static, Rigged…