Why, hello there!

Today’s post comes a little late because I was dragged into dinner duty today. Usually I am lucky and I get out of it. Yes, I’m one of those that gets to have their cake and eat it. For that reason I’m going to dive right into the credits because now that I cooked I’m incredibly famished. I joined Weight Watchers to get rid of my after Christmas weight and…


Ladies in waiting

Yesterday I had everyone on again and of course that means they have to get dragged into a picture. Actually, I had initially planned to be in this picture alone however it seemed wrong to have empty space next to me when my friends were sitting right there in front of me. So I extended the invitation as well as the clothing theme and this is what we came up…

Fashion & Decor

We can light up the sky

It’s new years’ eve eve. Have you started making plans for what you’re going to be doing for New Year’s Eve and New years day? how are you going to start your year and have you prepared your resolutions in advance? Have you made plans for places to visit for the new year in Second Life? Because if you haven’t well, have I got a place you could visit for…