Fashion & Decor

An afternoon’s mess

Hi! Happy Friday everyone, you seem to have caught bear at a disadvantage but she doesn’t at all look too put out to see you.   Featuring… ♡ Table and couch set: [Ionic] Just a Perfect Day – Hang out – RARE @Equal10 ♡ Digital clock: [Ionic] Just a Perfect Day – Wake up time! 1li @Equal10 ♡ Magazine, croissant and coffee set:  [Ionic] Just a Perfect Day – Breakfast…

Fashion & Decor

A walk through wonderland

I initially had a completely different idea for this post however once I set it all up, for lack of a better phrase, it sucked. It really did. I had this grandiose mental image of what I wanted it to look like and it was awesome. It was so awesome you all would have been gagging. Then I put it together and I thought…nope. This is just not going to…

Fashion & Decor

You make me cry

Sometimes misunderstandings can easily occur but making up can be the sweetest part of all. Sometimes all it takes a gentle reassuring whisper of just how much you care.   Featuring Items from featured stores are listed below. For further items in the scene please continue down to the Supporting Cast.   Pink Lingerie (parfait): [Asteroid Box] Cepheus Lingerie (Freya, HG, Petite, Maitreya) @mainstore Pink collar (parfait): [Asteroid Box] Athena…