Station Underground

Although I finished letting you know about the fun things at Sanarae, there is still this really cute outfit I fell in love with and wanted to show before the round ends. It’s by Dolly Daydream and it’s also a reminder to get over there before the round changes over. You haven’t got too much longer so, what do you say? This picture was nothing but ‘just doing fun stuff…

Fashion & Decor

Contemplating you

What could it be that needs thinking about so hard? Maybe Bear is thinking ‘what’s for tea?’┬ábecause I know I am. I’ve been so hungry…all day long. How can food burn off so fast when I have barely done anything today. All I want is to eat. I’ve been filling this weird ravenous desire to eat eat eat with popcorn but now it’s also finished and everything is sad again.…