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The last Icecream van

You may have noticed that there is nary an ice-cream van to see anymore. They all seem to have slowly head off into the sunset. They’ve disappeared from around here at least and I for one will miss the tinkling melody in the air. I have to give up the happy sound of summer till next year and this thought is entirely depressing. So, Bear is out and about with…


A Fairy tale love

Today I have an old fairy tale of love for you. The Cupid event is leaving me feeling all loved up. When Valentines day finally arrives I’ll be just the right level of loved up and wanting a (victim) person to throw all my love at. Today’s entire outfit is from this event and I’ve got the list of items for you below. Are you ready? Then, while my avatar…



In total I spent 2 days testing the computer and today’s image is the second image I came out with. All editing was done with a trial version of Photoshop so I didn’t have my usual tools to hand. I thought I would share the second because it again covers some items from Etoile. I have a fondness for glasses in Second Life. Particularly the cute variety which is why…