Home and Decor

Fresh mornings

Today’s title is inspired by how the scene makes me feel, it is bright and feel like a morning. The mountains and the water outside make me think that if I were to open the window it would just smell of sea and vegetation. I like that feeling, so I’m going with the title. Today’s home and garden is by Ionic. It features items from the new set at Equal10…

Fashion & Decor

A Sloth-like moment

It’s one of those days between the hustle and bustle of the two tail end holidays. That means it’s perfectly okay to have a sloth-like day. What could be a more fun thing than to carry out a hunt or two.   Featuring Pose: [Serendipity] Alina 2 (cup holding animation is part of the mug) @Mainstore Eyes: [Cubic Cherry ] Sera Eyes @Okinawa New Year Festival Blush: [Cubic Cherry]  Miko Blush PINK…

Home and Decor

The Apothecary

With it being October, the month of magic and screams I knew it was time  to set up an apothecary. It was so much fun to set up. I’ve never really set up a spooky themed anything before so this was completely new territory for me. By the time the month of October is over I believe I might be at least proficient at setting up a spooky dark environment…