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Because I love you

We are in the month of February and it is only normal to already be thinking about what to do for February. Personally, I don’t know what to do. I find I have the same issue as I did at Christmas. Except with Christmas, you had Amazon and they could send gift cards to mobile numbers. The new dilemma is what to do for Valentine’s day which tends to be…



I got another collaboration with Shy! This time we’re at an amusement park, can you tell. It’s a fun sunny day and I like how it came out. It seems like such a natural image. For the items that Shy is featuring with her avatar you will have to visit her post. However I will provide the link below. I am actually glad to be getting to put this up…

Fashion & Decor

A Chinese New Year

Yesterday was Chinese new year and Ichi and I celebrated by playing dress up with our avatars! It was harder than I thought to find items for celebrating with or perhaps it was just that I didn’t know enough places. It was practically a god send to find the backdrop at Cosmopolitan. It was by Paparazzi and entirely just what we needed. Second we went down to Zenith’s store to…