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Drop by the cafe

This scene has long since disappeared from my land. It’s been hidden in my flickr since the 4th of April to be precise. I am only now making it live. I couldn’t tell you why. I was busy previously, working and all that good stuff. However, I had the Easter bank holiday and I didn’t want to really do anything at all if I could help it. I couldn’t even…

Fashion & Decor

Dinner is at 8

Yesterday I set a scene up in one evening. It doesn’t sound like anything great but for me it is. I tend to pick pick and pick at things. Twist them this way and that and ‘hm’ and ‘ah’ over things through the course of at least two days. I like to sleep on things, come back and look at it all again. This time however I had one evening…

Home and Decor

Quiet Oasis

Today’s scenery is based on a desert scenery. Should you be lucky enough to have an oasis in the middle of the dessert propped up high on a tiled balcony area, maybe it might look like this. Oasis’ in the desert have always been fascinating to me since most people only seem to see them when they are parched dry and dying of thirst. At least it has been so…