Fashion & Decor

Down at the Manga Cafe

Do you know, I enjoy doing large scenes. It ends up taking up all my time and I enjoy every minute of it. Then when I’ve finally sat back and thought…ok, we’re going with this…I then realise it’s going to take me hours to credit everything. This is one of those again. I love love love big busy scenes. They are the best things ever. I was meant to have…

Home and Decor

At the fireplace

  Did you know that The Arcade is open? No? good, this is a nice surprise for you then. Yay, now I feel happy that I was the first one to tell you. Well, guess what? sit, sit, let me tell you. It’s so good again, I was taken  a little bit by surprise when I heard it was on it’s way because I had been somewhat exisiting in a…

Fashion & Decor

Under the trees

Featuring The following items are part of the scenery and from Keke. They are available to purchase at the mainstore.  ♡ Grass –green: [ keke ] fairy grass . summer . 10 x 10 LI: 1 ♡ Bushes behind fence: [ keke ] small leaf bush . all seasons . hard LI: 3 ♡ Fence: [ keke ] back yard fence painted LI: 4 ♡ Leaves on the ground: […