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This is what’ll happen

When you end up with extra time on your hands. I edited this picture way more than I normally would have done. I had extra time on my hands because I was watching Ru Paul and when from the current episode to the celebrity ones I hadn’t even seen before. That was interesting. I also then ended up watching The Willoughby’s. I did all of this in front of the…

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Because we love indoor plants

Today’s post is a credits only post and I promise to try not to say too much. This is because it will also have lots of images all up in here. In the mean time, hang on in there everyone. The weekend is half way done. It’s another home and garden post, I know how you all love those and I’ve been missing them. There is also just something about…

Home and Decor

Cuddling up by the fire

I am beginning to think that when I am cold I make warm pictures, fireplaces, candles, snuggly places, things like that. Want to know how I can begin to suspect such a thing? because I happen to be feeling cold today too. Please enjoy today’s scenery and I hope it helps the warmth spread to your finger tips and your toes if you’re feeling cold too.   Build: [FOURTH WALL] Mountain…