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Have you met my little kitty

Today’s blog title made me chuckle because there’s a lot more going on than just the cute adorable kitty, the one nuzzling up to my avatar with it’s big beautiful eyes. Looking so goshly innocent in such a weighty environment. Do you know the adorable darling is from Limit8? He is part of the gacha by SEmotion and Libellune. However he is the limited version available for purchase separate from…


Cyber vision

Today’s post was taken on Sunday and it was fun getting to play with the dark lights again. It is nice to get to play on the dark side once in a while, isn’t it? Do you like this really amazing visor? I feel like I stepped onto a sci-fi set. So excited! I wasn’t sure I could carry off a visor in a blog post and I did ‘hmm’…

Fashion & Decor

The tiny gathering

I am in a more steady place now than I was , the new computer seems to be settling in nicely and I have been attempting to catch up with all of my requirements. There are so many things to show you in such little time. Rest assured however that I will be doing my best. It’s been so much fun. I feel like I’ve only looked at and edited…