Fashion & Decor

My secret food hideaway

Sometimes in order to be left alone to your food hoard a bear must ascend a great height and set up residence with the food in a place where no other can reach. At least not before the food has been successfully consumed. A disguise is also called for so as not to appear recognisable to the friends that one may have to share the food bounty with. This bear’s…


Won’t you sing with me?

We are here in November and it is so good to see you all on the other side of another month. October was great, Novembers going to be better. It’s the build up to the month of Christmas. We have Bonfire Night still to come, Black Friday sales and the last approach to Christmas. I’m a little nervous. Are you? or is that just an exclusively me thing? I have…


I feel your hands on me

In a dark, dark county was a dark, dark town. In a dark, dark town, there was a dark, dark alley. In the dark, dark alley, there was a dark dark being. and that being’s name was Larry and he was a skeleton that liked to grope unsuspecting females that had the misfortune to happen past his alley. So stay away from dark alleys.   Pose: Serendipity – intention… (5) bento Hair: D!va –…