Fashion & Decor

First watch

Collabor88’s current round is due to close soon, you still have a couple of days. It’s time to do some last minute shopping…or do we have to make you. Bear’s got a bubble gun and she’s not afraid to bubble you till it tickles. Go, go, go! And buy us something nice toooo, we both share a love for pink and cute things. After all, the avatar doesn’t fall far…

Fashion & Decor

Grillin n Chillin

I had help with today’s title and it makes me grin like an idiot. I couldn’t for the life of me come up with a title. I was just empty. Maybe I just enjoyed my day off so much that my brain said it wouldn’t be doing anything as streneous as being creative. I mean, I haven’t even come up with a picture for tommorow yet. I am not too…


Much betta!

Baga inspired my title because that’s me with all things pink. I’m convinced that everything can look much better with some pink. Did you all have fun during the Black Friday sales in Second Life? because I know I had a ball. I started off not thinking I would be shopping any sales because nothing really jumped out at me. Then Trompe Loeil had a gift card saleeee~! la la~!…