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Santa’s special helper

Because you get badges for being the most helpful of Christmas Elves. Hi! It’s Sunday and wow did I wake up feeling extra lazy today. It took me a little while to get into the day but here is what you came for, the promised post from yesterday. It’s full of lights so here, let me hand you these sunglasses. It was kind of inspired by the Christmas lights in…


All my halves are dark tonight

What do you do when you can’t find anyone to pose with you? you call in your clone. I don’t clone my avatar very often but it is rather fun when I do. It’s oddly satisfying in a way seeing two of the same avi’s. I initially started with the standing pose but thought there are so many other items I want to add to the scene but my avatar…


Protecting the Princess

  So today’s picture was just a bit of Arcade fun, I wanted to have a fun ‘virtual cosplay’ moment so here came my Lara Croft/Indiana Jones meets rugged adventurer moment. Guess who’s being dragged in as the ‘princess’ ha! it’s so funny but I love the indulgence of a semi naked princess and my avatar as the tough lead. In real life I’m not tomboyish in the least but…