I like yellow because it makes me think of happy, sunny days and warmth. Everything is instantly brighter with a splash of yellow. Don’t you think? Music and bright colours that’s all you need. And food, of course. No one wants to be found withered away in a swatch of yellow fabric with youtube playing at full volume. It’s just not a cute look. It also sounds like no fun…


In my sights

Happy Bank Holiday, I hope it was as fun as mine was. The country feels like it is a mess so here’s what I’ll de-stress with today. Aside from Animal Crossing of course. You know what that means, it’s a credits only post! Featuring ♡ Horns: [ Cubic Cherry ] Opulence horns {Mainstore} ♡ lower/vine adornments: [ Sweet Thing ] Nature’s Adornments {Mainstore} ♡ Fangs: [ Sweet Thing ] Fangs…