My mouse and me

Bear made another friend. I think she makes so many new friends she might be a disney princess in disguise. Today’s friend is by SEmotion again and this time the cute little mouse didn’t tell us his name but maybe he might be ready to whisper it right now. I had fun playing with lights again trying to add atmosphere. The shape I used isn’t my usual shape. I bought…



I like yellow because it makes me think of happy, sunny days and warmth. Everything is instantly brighter with a splash of yellow. Don’t you think? Music and bright colours that’s all you need. And food, of course. No one wants to be found withered away in a swatch of yellow fabric with youtube playing at full volume. It’s just not a cute look. It also sounds like no fun…


In my sights

Happy Bank Holiday, I hope it was as fun as mine was. The country feels like it is a mess so here’s what I’ll de-stress with today. Aside from Animal Crossing of course. You know what that means, it’s a credits only post! Featuring ♡ Horns: [ Cubic Cherry ] Opulence horns {Mainstore} ♡ lower/vine adornments: [ Sweet Thing ] Nature’s Adornments {Mainstore} ♡ Fangs: [ Sweet Thing ] Fangs…