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With room to relax

It’s a last call for the birthday round of Collabor88 and here are some of the items still waiting for you to pick up. The round changes soon and I know sometimes it’s rather easy to forget when you wait so long to get in. So if you have forgotten to pick anything up I’m here as your handy reminder. This is particularly amazing since I never remember anything without…

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A laid table

It seems cruel of me to torture myself by making this blog post while I’m positively ravenous. As the evening is going to consist of a veritable feast of all foods completely bad for me I’ve been trying not to eat anything all day and now that it has come up to the last hours of it I am so hungry I could cry. In fact all I want to…

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The Quiet before the storm

Today has felt quiet for me today. It feels like a laden sort of quiet. The kind of quiet that seems to be building towards ‘something’. In a way it is because tomorow is Christmas’ Eve. It’s both exciting and scary. Everything done today has been geared towards relaxing and not having much hanging on my shoulders, waiting to be done. There is no pressure but  to simply enjoy the…