Garden flower

Happy Friday and welcome to the end of the week daily update. Don’t worry however, it doesn’t mean I won’t be updating, I’ve got a lot more to show you. I am just working on getting a more steady routine as opposed to three times a week whenever I want to. I want it to be three times a week on the same days every week. I haven’t quite picked…


I’m completely innocent

Didn’t do it at all. Nope. It was my evil twin. Today’s items are from a few different events and below I have all the locations for each one. It will however be a quick post because I’m doing lates again this week. Roll on Friday, I’m looking forward to a break again. In the mean time my happy moments lie in finishing for the day and getting to show…


Take a picture of me with you

Happy Guy Fawkes night, everybody! I hope your night is full of light. I am sorry for the late posting it’s been a tiring day. I’m watching Fireworks explode up in the sky through my window and they are so pretty and breath-taking. Are you going to a Bonfire night party where you live? or have you found a fireworks party inworld? Take me with you! My avatar is all…