Fashion & Decor

The last Icecream van

You may have noticed that there is nary an ice-cream van to see anymore. They all seem to have slowly head off into the sunset. They’ve disappeared from around here at least and I for one will miss the tinkling melody in the air. I have to give up the happy sound of summer till next year and this thought is entirely depressing. So, Bear is out and about with…


Magic & Sparkle

Here is an image I had done prior to Autumn Clutter and I am just bringing out now. Today’s all about magic, unicorns and glorious pinks. To cute it up to the max we have this really adorable outfit by On-Line and the world’s most cutesy hairstyle (ever) by Tram. The whimsy in the background is provided by Ionic in a sea of sparkling stars, baubles and magically pastel butterflies.…

Fashion & Decor

3 things (nsfw)

My girl is such a pampered Bear but she shares similar likes and fondness for items that even I love. I love beautiful roses…I love pretty pillows, I love soft luxurious robes that feel like whisper silk against my skin and I love beautiful shoes and silky hair. If only I had the time in the day to be the mirror reflection of this glamour puss. However in reality my…