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Something’s late…is it brunch?

What to do when you miss breakfast but it’s still a little too early for lunch?   Featuring items from Ionic Ionic’s My Kitchen gacha and Mi Casita gacha with items also from Cafeteria Gacha and Fiesta gacha and more. Unless item is specified to belong to a different gacha items listed below are from My Kitchen gacha.   Cake: [ionic] Pear white cake 2li Bread: [ionic] Milk & bread…

Fashion & Decor

When the Boss is away

The staff will play. Like taking inappropriate selfies on the Boss’ table for instance. You can’t tell me you haven’t felt a flicker of daring once or twice.Surely it isn’t so. I know I have. I just would be too much of a scardy cat to give into it. Tales of photocopied bottoms, unsanctioned overtime trysts, rocking toilet cubicle doors and office party hi-jinks. Whoever said working in an office…

Fashion & Decor

Lingerie and Bliss

In life one of my favourate things is lingerie. It’s so intimately pretty. It can take you from sweet to daring in one swift change or leave you dangling on the precipiece. It’s lovely to touch and it’s a femininity shared only with yourself and should you choose to…someone else. Yet I like it simply because it is something I can keep close to my skin. I can be as…