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Out like a light

This bed is amazing. The first thing it presented me when my avatar sat was a nice breakfast tray. Points already. As you well know, Bears love food and I love food too. A glass of orange juice with breakfast is like handing someone who can appreciate it, a glass of wine. I love that you can even eat said breakfast. I entertained myself with that for a while. Unless…

Home and Decor

Relax in comfort

Everyone deserves to have a place they can relax in, where the furniture is plush and refined and the air is filled with the sweet smell of flowers. I hope you have fun with this room and we’ve even left you something to read and something to nibble on. Please read on for the credits list.   Items available from Collabor88 Chairs:¬†Fancy Decor – Bernard Armchair – Black (PG)* 5li…