Garden & Landscaping

Grave Night

Generally I’m not the best with landscaping, at least I don’t think I am. However, I was still really happy with the way this set came out. I wanted something that looked like a scary halloween set for taking pictures in and I believe I got that. My bar wasn’t set high at all. It was set pretty low so the ending made me feel quite happy indeed. It had…

Fashion & Decor

First watch

Collabor88’s current round is due to close soon, you still have a couple of days. It’s time to do some last minute shopping…or do we have to make you. Bear’s got a bubble gun and she’s not afraid to bubble you till it tickles. Go, go, go! And buy us something nice toooo, we both share a love for pink and cute things. After all, the avatar doesn’t fall far…

Fashion & Decor

Down to the record shop

Today was much better on the weather front and in fact the day looked much like today’s image. It was sunny even if it felt brisk and it was a huge improvement on yesterday. I had been incredibly reluctant to get out of bed this morning simply because I was experiencing stiff muscles from having been snowed all over and half frozen the day before. I still spent most of…