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I’m coming for you next!

This week so far has been mainly made up of rain, audio books and curled up naps after work. I’m always tired for some reason. I am starting to suspect it’s the fact that it’s rainy and grey weather for most the day that I start to feel tired. Each time I get misted all over by the rain drizzle on my way home I feel a sort of lethargy…

Fashion & Decor

Trick and treating

Why do you have to choose one or the other, perhaps a girl just wants to trick AND treat. A night out on the town with all her dressed up friends should prove to be a rare treat but they’ll play tricks along the way so when you see them coming run away! Today I’m featuring lots of items from different events. I think I am now dubbing October my…

Fashion & Decor

A garden fairy

Hi, guys! Happy Friday. I’m so glad it’s Friday because I have been looking forward to the end of the week. Without wanting to wish my life away of course and trust me I have no desire to do that. It’s just that it has been a most tiring week and the computer has been giving me such trouble. I am so glad to have Ichi even when I get…