Fashion & Decor

Peach and Strawberry

I’m rolling in straight from work today and I can’t even begin to descripe how tired I am. I’m mentally drained. I think work took it all out of me today. It’s going to take so much more than that to keep me away today, right? I sure hope so because my internet is back to being it’s dastardly self and saying no every five minutes. I’ll still take it…

Fashion & Decor

Strike a pose

I’m back! and with a new picture in tow. I didn’t think I would get this one up today, not between a slow computer and Second Life refusing to let me in. I feel personally attacked right now. However, I think I might have finally cracked it? it does seem to be working for now so maybe? we will see. In the meantime, I’m taking you all straight to the…