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Something warm

It’s definately Autumn although my memories of pas Autumns are so corrupted I don’t remember if it was ever this wet and cold. It probably was and I just do not recall but it does make me thankful to be home and able to have control over my heating. It also means no rain drenched rides into work on my bicycle. That’s always a bonus. In keeping with the theme…


All my halves are dark tonight

What do you do when you can’t find anyone to pose with you? you call in your clone. I don’t clone my avatar very often but it is rather fun when I do. It’s oddly satisfying in a way seeing two of the same avi’s. I initially started with the standing pose but thought there are so many other items I want to add to the scene but my avatar…

Fashion & Decor

Thriller on West Street

This is why is is advisable to not walk home by yourself on spooky Halloween nights. It is entirely inadvisable. Entirely. Unless of course you want to be accosted by a troupe of skeletal dancers intent on dragging you into their world of bone tingling, hip swaying dance moves. Even being a sweet unassuming three eyed-girl will not save you. Nothing and no one can. Not even in Second Life.…