I feel your hands on me

In a dark, dark county was a dark, dark town. In a dark, dark town, there was a dark, dark alley. In the dark, dark alley, there was a dark dark being. and that being’s name was Larry and he was a skeleton that liked to grope unsuspecting females that had the misfortune to happen past his alley. So stay away from dark alleys.   Pose: Serendipity – intention… (5) bento Hair: D!va –…



In the spirit of halloween, Ichi and I dressed up for a post and stepped out in various versions of badarsery in order to moonlight as two bad girl vigilanties prowling the second life streets dispensing our own brands of justice. We just haven’t thought of our superhero duo name. Naturally we operate in the dark, we aren’t the Superman superhero sort,no. We are the Batman superhero sort. We appear…

Fashion & Decor

Not so innocent magic

Sometimes things that are dangerous can come in the most innocent of packages. Clothing and Accessories Hair Accessory 1 (floral headband): Maxi Gossamer – Headband – Pompoms and Flowers @Collabor88 Hair Accessory 2 (Headband with side ribbons): Kokoro {♥} Peachu – Seasons Gift @The Seasons Story (gift) Head accessory (circlet): Michan – Celine Circlet @The Seasons Story (gift) Hair: Sintiklia – Eun – Light Blondes pack @Equal 10 Eyes: Avoixs – Truth – E01 (gacha) @The Seasons Story Skin, blush and lipstick: Momochuu – Barbara…