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Feeling playful

Hi there, here comes more snow themed images for you. Is it snowing where you are yet? It isn’t where I am. It sure feels like it should be. It’s been so very cold. I also have supporting evidence to show that it is also not just me being terribly delicate. It is actually cold. It did let up a bit yesterday and today though, I should probably mention that.…

Fashion & Decor

The Snowball Fight

With the winter season around the corner, I couldn’t help but remind everyone of this gorgeous winter set from Ionic. It makes a perfect winter scene with its snowy pavements, snow pile and there’s even a pretzel cart full of warm, freshly made pretzels. The bears found a snow bucket for collecting snowballs from ADAndel and couldn’t resist filling them up with snowballs perfect for a snowball fight. Kuri isn’t…