Bears are made cuddly

I think this qualifies as not safe for work simply for the fact that you probably wouldn’t want this on your screen at your work place because ‘cleavage’ and ‘undergarments’ right? but it is also rather sultry so yes not for work. However, if you have been looking after yourself properly you will be safely ensconced withing your home and not need to worry about viewing Bears in underwears. See…


Want Some?

Today is much cooler and has been a lot kinder to me. I got to spend a lot more time at the computer without melting away. There are still some things I need to tie up on it but I am gradually getting through it now I don’t feel like rage quitting everything.…


Cyber vision

Today’s post was taken on Sunday and it was fun getting to play with the dark lights again. It is nice to get to play on the dark side once in a while, isn’t it? Do you like this really amazing visor? I feel like I stepped onto a sci-fi set. So excited! I wasn’t sure I could carry off a visor in a blog post and I did ‘hmm’…