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sweet lunchables

It always seems so strange to me to start without saying ‘hello’ but it shouldn’t be that strange since I’m writing. I’m trying to resist doing that so much but then I get confused on how I ought to start. Do you say hello when you begin writing or is that just my life now?

You’ve no doubt noticed I had a small break. I really needed it I think I ran myself down. I got the sudden realisation that I had stopped taking care of myself properly only when I started to feel illness creeping in on the fringes. It would be the worst thing to run my immunity down so low from not sleeping enough, exercising, eating properly and then get whacked with the dreaded sickness. I was only getting about 3 to 4 hours sleep and I usually function on 9. Historically, I do not have a great track record with December and illnesses. If I am lucky this will be the first Winter where in which I will not actually be sick for Christmas or my Birthday. Here’s hoping.

Today’s image took me longer than usual because techinically I had finished it previously. I took the image and had to edit it on an unfamiliar computer so I wasn’t sure how the colours would come out. I also didn’t have Photoshop so I had to use a trial version of Affinity that I downloaded. It’s supposed to be like Photoshop in a way. I think. It was interesting trying to recrate what I do normally in a completely new to me program. It was a challenge for sure. I had fun and I had stressful moments. I did however do it. Success! I thought. Then I uploaded it and WOW..no. This is not the way.

unedited inworld shot – ultra setting – cropped, resized &sharpened in photoshop. Nothing else done.

As a result it meant I had to start again when I got to my computer because when I downloaded the orginal shots I took I noticed that the problem started way before the edit. It was such a washed out unplesant thing that I had to start from scratch. Thankfully, I hadn’t yet taken down the build for just such reasons. I like to finish the picture and be satisfied before I dismantle. What do you do? am I over-cautious?

Okay, that’s enough talking I want to focus on the picture so I actually get to say something about the set up. It came out a lot differently than I had initially wanted. It was meant to be a lot simpler but I can’t help myself and I’ve been watching too many sim build videos on Youtube. This is why I ended up using somethings perhaps not as they were originally intended. The shelf system is actually a table set that wraps around a sofa set which I will be blogging soon and the long console table with the plants has actually been joined up twice.

I really loved the Artic wolves so there was no way they weren’t going to share cosy time in the picture. It was initially just going to be a table of food and my avatar because…food and warm fluffy winter clothing with bauble earrings. When I tell you I have done that with actual baubles you won’t even believe me. I want these earings to be real. The bento box is also a favourate because I love bento boxes as default but then you provide a bento box with yummy little treats. Who are you and how do you know me so well?!



Chair: [Brocante] fireside lounger / grey 4Li {@Collabor88}

Artic foxes: [Half Deer] Arctic Fox – Natural 1Li each {@Collabor88}

Dark wood shelves in background: [Kraftwork] Taylor Table System . Console Middle Brule 1Li each (3li in total used) {@Mainstore}

Bunny statue on shelf: [Refuge] Vintage Spring Bunny Statue 1Li (resized smaller) {@Mainstore}

Small frame on shelf: [Fancy Decor] Carter Photo Frame 1Li {@Mainstore}

Trio of small frames on shelf: [Fancy Decor] Fancy Decor: Colleen Frames (gold) 2Li {@Mainstore}

Drum planter: [KraftWork] Drum Planter . Red 3Li {@Mainstore}

Drum planter without plant: [KraftWork] Drum Planter . Green Empty 1Li {@Mainstore}

Hot Chocolate and star cookies: [Disorderly] Staying Warm / Cookie Hot Chocolate 1Li {@Collabor88}

Hot Chocolate and macarons: [Disorderly] Staying Warm / Macaron Hot Chocolate 1Li {@Collabor88}

Hot Chilli Chocolate set: [Luc.] Mexican Hot Chocolate [Decor, BENTO Server, No Steam] (steam version also available in pack) 2Li {@Collabor88}


Hair: [Monso] Yaska Hair* {@Collabor88}

♡ Eyes: [Unicult] Angel Eyes {@Okinawa Christmas Festival}

♡ Blush: [N.A.P] So Cold! Blush – White tintable (I tinted mine – Hex code a0513f) {@Okinawa Christmas Festival}

Bauble earrings: [Bunk] Stripey Bauble Earring (the star studs are seperate. See supporting cast below) {@Okinawa Christmas Festival}

Outfit: [V.C.Lab] My Only Wish GACHA. dress 01 (Maitreya) {@Okinawa Christmas Festival}

Bento: [Disorderly & Random Matter] Bento Xmas / Bento Box / White {@Okinawa Christmas Festival}

Pose: [Serendipity] Alison 2 {@Mainstore}


*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes unless otherwise denoted by an ‘*’.

*Mesh body used is the Legacy mesh body combined with the Lelutka Ryn mesh head using Mirai Skin by Bold and Beauty, Lipgloss from Top1Salon and Versa Eyeshadow by Top1Salon. Freckles are from Stardust (Juliet freckles) and face moles are from Izzies. Hairbase is by Enfer Sombre (Aide)


Supporting Cast

Earring studs: [spectacledchic] Star Studs (previous gift)

Curtains: [zerkalo] Holiday Spirit – Curtain 6Li

Swan picture frame: [Apple Fall] Original: Swan Study

Small picture frame: [Haikei] Picture frame [ K9 Birthday ] 2Li

Build used: [Scarlet Creative] Frosty Festive Chapel 116Li

Hanging plants: [Mithral] Caged String of Hearts (White) 9Li

Books top shelf: [Apple Fall] Books – Arrangement 3 1Li

Hanging lights: [Hive] hanging glass light 2Li each

Star:  [Apple Fall] Star Light – Wall Mounted 1Li

Globe on books:  [Apple Fall] Globe w/ Books – Cream/Grey 1Li

Table top plant: [Mithral] Tabletop Trio (Pack C) 2Li

Long console with plants: [Mithral] Overgrown Table Terrarium (Gold) (this is a combination of three of the tables) 8Li each



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