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Surrounded by winter

Surrounded by winter

Some houses hold surprises that aren’t visible until the right moment comes along and bam! it hits you. It’s Perfection.

I didn’t know what to do with this Glass house by DaD previously because I had no furniture that truly made it pop the way I wanted it to. However now that the winter season has arrived and the Builder’s Box Snowstorm, is in town, the moment is now. Inspiration hit like an avalanche and once it started there was no stopping the decorating.


Items from the Builders Box ‘Snowstorm’

Out now for purchase Inworld or on the Marketplace.

Want to see what else is in the box before you buy? Visit the Website.

♡. Bed: [Architect] ‘Winter Vibes’ Bed 6li

♡. Beside Tables:  [Architect] ‘Winter Vibes’ Nightstand 2li

♡. Coffee Table at the end of the bed: [NewChurch] Jens Coffee Table 1li

♡. Small lap table on the ground: [Architect] ‘Winter Vibes’ Bed Table 3li

♡. Rug: [Architect] ‘Winter Vibes’ Messy Carpet 2li

♡. Slippers: [Architect] ‘Winter Vibes’ House Slippers 1li

♡. Rocking Chair: [Architect] ‘Winter Vibes’ Rocking Chair 4li

♡. Console Table by window: [NewChurch] Jens Console Table 1li

♡. Snugly folded blankets: [Dahlia] Denmark – Blanket 1li each

♡. Heart stools: [Dahlia] Denmark – Heart Stool 1li

♡. Laptop on top: [MudHoney] Olwen Laptop 1li

♡. Circle mirrors: [Dahlia] Denmark – Mirrors 2li

♡. Cappucino & Maccaroons on log tray: [Dahlia] Denmark – Cappuccino Tray 1li


Items from Okinawa Winter Festival

On the coffee table…

♡. Cup of whipped cream beverage: [andika] Noel Blanck cream latte  2li @Okinawa Winter Festival

♡. Delicious cake: [andika] Noel Blanck cake 4li @Okinawa Winter Festival



♡. Snowman eating pizza: [Junk Food] Pizza Snowman @Okinawa Winter Festival


Available at Mainstores

♡. Wall pictures: [what next] Calm & Bright Wall Collage 5li @Mainstore

♡. Hanging lights: [ keke ] hard to find bulb . long @Mainstore


♡. Build used: [DaD] “Glass House” V.1.0 c/m 37li

This building is a wood and glass build from which you can look out into the world around you in a gorgeous panoramic 360 degree view. It’s like it was born specifically to watch the world go by and it looks magnificent surrounded by the pale sparkling white of winter. While the barren beauty of winter falls around you, you can sit warm and comfortable in doors. How is this magic performed? you’ll never have to worry.

Here is the image from Flickr, isn’t that the prettiest house you’ve ever seen? It would look lovely as a house or an add on to a house in a lovely expansive back garden.

Glass House & Phoenix Bed - NEW RELEASE for Collabor88

Supporting Cast

♡. Bedside lamps: [Nutmeg] Antique Table Lamp 4li (group gift for magazine readers)


Items on the coffee table…

♡. Pine cones: [Apple Fall] Pinecones & Hazelnuts 1li

♡. Apples: [Apple Fall] Apples w/ Ornamental Stand – Copper 1li


Items on the console table by the window…

♡. Brushes in jar: [Apple Fall] Bath Brushes in Milk Glass Jar 1li

♡. Deer statue: [Apple Fall] Woodland Deer – Brass 1li

♡. Plant in glass jar: 3.[Apple Fall] Magnolia Spray 1li (gacha)


Items by the rocking chair…

♡. Logs: 4. [Apple Fall] Birch Logs w/ Belt 4li (gacha)

♡. Apples: [Apple Fall] Apple Sprig w/ Branch 1li


Items on the bed…

♡. Silk Pajamas: [dust bunny] season of giving . silk pajamas . white 1li @The Epiphany

♡. Treat Basket: [dust bunny] season of giving . peppermint treats 2li @The Epiphany


♡. Plushie: [dust bunny] season of giving . Owl plushie 1li @The Epiphany


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