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Happy Tuesday! Here’s another one of my pre-scheduled posts. I hope you like it. Today we are focusing on decor items again. Today they are from Kraftwork and Half Deer as well as a bit of What Next to round it off. What do you say?

As I have been doing these ahead of time and on the same day I’ve run out of witty banter for you. So shall we just make this a credits only and quietly admire the furniture together? I’ve got popcorn, just don’t get it on the new sofa, okay?

You know what, there is one thing I would like to say. Do you remember this post? Well today’s post is from the other side of the room. It’s a very spacious skybox for it’s 7Li cost. I was very impressed. It left a lot of room for decorating and allowed me to go crazy with the curtains. If you own a small platform too with little prims you know the pain of having to forgo pretty, detailed curtains.


♡ Sofa: [KraftWork] Milan Modular Sofa (Made up of 5-6li pieces – Modular A, B and C.Table; in image) {@Kustom9}
♡ Television: [Fancy Decor] Antony TV 1Li {@Uber}
♡ Coffee table (under television): [What Next] Rowan Coffee Table 2Li {@Mainstore}
Baskets underneath: [Fancy Decor] Russell Magazine Basket A 1Li (resized down) {@Mainstore}
Magazine pile: [Fancy Decor] Russell Magazine Stack 1Li {@Mainstore}
Center table/Ottoman: [KraftWork] Milan Modular Sofa . Ottoman (decor only) 2Li {@Kustom9}

Table Clutter: [KraftWork] Everyday Life Clutter 5Li{@Mainstore}
Trunks: [Half Deer] Metal Storage Trunk {@FLF Birthday Bash}
Rug: [What Next] Diamonds Rug (natural) – small 2Li {@Mainstore}
Build used: [Lagom] 02. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Skybox ] Rare 7Li {@The Epiphany}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

Supporting Cast

♡ Curtains: [ zerkalo ] Britain’s Bedroom – Curtain Light 12Li (due to resize to fit windows)
♡ Plant (Tall): [vespertine] exotic plants / ficus -rubber plant 5Li
♡ Potted plant:  [dust bunny]  hoya plant 2Li
Cat: [Jian] Wicker Forest Cat Bed 13Li (edited to remove basket. Animation turned off.)

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