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Happy Sunday everybody, here’s a pop up post for you. I feel like you knew one would be coming so here it is, surprise! The items being featured in today’s post are both for decor and fashion and are from a mixture of events you’re going to want to check out. I had so much fun today because I woke up with such an itch for logging in and got to spend almost the whole day just working on pictures. I think I must have had a burst of energy. How exciting! Isn’t Summer great?!

I just started building and building and then slowly more things kept getting added and I just ended up not stopping which is probably why it’s a big post credits wise. I think that is quite possibly the reason why I don’t really have much to say when it comes to the blurb part of the post. I used up all my creativity to the point where now I an only hold up the pictures at you with my heart reflected in my eyes.

I’m going to have to ask you to forgive me in that regards as I’m just going to be sending you on to the credits and pictures. One thing though, before I leave…just gonna grab this plate of food and the drinks because…yum! but anyway, I’ll see you again soon. Have fun!


Fashion item…
Hair: [Tram] K0525 hair {@Collabor88}
Potato Wedge: [kotte] meal deal – potato wedge w/sauce (mouth) {@Access}
Outfit: [Cheezu] Comfortable – RARE (Maitreya, Legacy) {@The Arcade}
Pet Companion: [Yomi] Baby Baphies // 8 {@The Arcade}

Decor items…

Food items next to Bear…

♡ Burger plate: [kotte] meal deal – chicky bun burger (rez) 2Li {@Access}
♡ Drink: [kotte] meal deal – drink (rez) 2Li {@Access}
♡ Bottle: {wn} Fruit Punch Soda Bottle Decor 1Li {@Mainstore}

Items by Kraftwork available {@Kustom9} The Seaside Shed gacha set. Available as a Fatpack copy.

KraftWork Seaside Shed . Shed RARE 3li
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Wicker Buoy Wall Decor 1li each
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Wicker Lamp 2li each
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Bench & Pillows 3li
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Decorative Pillows
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Clutter Basket 2li
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Messy Rug 2li
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Mini Wicker Boat 1li
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Mini Lighthouse 1li
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Olive Tree 3li
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Fishing Net with Seashells 5li
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Seashells on Sand Bottle 1li
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Suculent Vase 1li
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Simple Bench 2li

Items by What Next available {@Mainstore}

{wn} Green Apple Soda Bottle Decor 1li
{wn} Beer Bottle Decor 1li
{wn} Orange Soda Bottle Decor 1li
{wn} Fruit Punch Soda Bottle Decor 1li
{wn} Camper Cooler (soda only) 1li
{wn} Lawn Chair (rez version) 1li (wear version available too for sitting anywhere.)
{what next} Monterey Parasol w/lights 7Li

Decor Items by Pitaya {@The Arcade}

[Pitaya] Floating Market – Boat&Flowers RARE 1Li (This is just one basket out of the boat because the flowers are so pretty)
[Pitaya] Floating Market – Mangos basket 1Li
[Pitaya] Floating Market – Watermelons Basket 1Li (I tinted the basket a little darker)
[Pitaya] Floating Market – Apples basket 1Li
[Pitaya] Floating Market – kakis basket 1Li

*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
**Mesh body used: Maitreya Petite. Mesh head used: Lelutka Briannon EVOX. Skin is Shani by Mila. Hairbase is by Lelutka.

Supporting Cast

Pose used: [Foxcity] Loner 1m
Ribbon: [Momochuu] Angela – Ribbon – H
Blanket: [Dust Bunny] dreamy outing . picnic blanket . mixed 3LI

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