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Spoon or Fork?

Spoon or Fork?

If you could choose only one, which one would you choose? I would probably go for the fork simply because the only thing I can imagine a fork wouldn’t be useful for is soup. However, you could just as easily sip from the bowl.

Yet you can’t eat noodles with a spoon at all, neither can you eat spaghetti.  I have tried it too before you say I haven’t. I have. What a shambles that was.

I would feel far more comfortable eating rice with a spoon though,  even if it is more seemingly elegant to do so with a fork.  If I was only allowed one utensil for the rest of my life though I would much rather go with the fork. I like to be able to cut things up when I eat.

A spoon would be more comforting with cake but a fork would suit just as well for delicate little bites. It would probably be a bad idea for cake and custard however it is still not impossible. Custard can also be sipped.

A fork cuts things with more precision than a spoon. You have more control over it and you can see through the teeth to properly judge the right spot to sink into. Basically, I could eat a lot more items with a fork and the fact that there’s a virtual buffet to be had I’m sticking to the utensil that promises more eating potential.

You’re probably thinking about now that this girl has thought way too long and in depth about this and by God you’re right. Then comes the day you find yourself having to make a survivalist decision on some reality show some where and you’ll remember this. Especially when you’re only allowed a few luxury items.  Then you’ll thank me.

Today’s items are from The Food Court event which is a new event in Second Life and it focuses on one of my top favourate things Virtual Food. Yes, amazingly I love virtual food even more than virtual clothing. Can’t even tell you how much. It just looks so good. I find food pretty in and of itself. You eat with your eyes first, then with your mouth right? Well, my eyes are full. The stalls go on and on and on, the amount of items available at the event all featuring food or food items is crazy and so much fun.

Fair warning though, if you visit, go with lots of money or learn how to decide exactly what you want and get nothing more because it is temptation personified.

I am featuring items from Kotte and Sorumin who are at the event but I also snuck a little Tentacio in there because how could I not. Look at the cute food. Then look at the adorable slogan top that is everything while eating yummy virtual food.


Top: [Sorumin] Let’s eat Set @The Food Court

Spoon: [Kotte] food – set A – fancy spoon w/pose @The Food Court

Fork: [Kotte] food – set A – fork w/pose @The Food Court

Breakfast Tray (with eggs, bacon, tea, cheese, bread & napkin with fork): [Kotte] food – set A – linked (rez) 4li @The Food Court

Kettle: [Kotte] food – set B – kettle (rez) 1li @The Food Court

Mug: [Kotte] food – set B – mug (rez) 1li @The Food Court

Honey Jar: [Kotte] food – set B – honey jar (rez) 1li @The Food Court

Bowl of ramen: [Kotte] food – set B – bowl of ramen, lid open (rez) 11li @The Food Court

♡  Fork on table (in front of avatar): [Kotte] food – set A – fork (rez) @The Food Court


Earrings: [Kotte] – kotte – sweetie earrings – heart egg L & kotte – sweetie earrings – waffle R @Mainstore

Sloth buddy: [MishMish] Sloth – Peeking @Mainstore

Bear shaped pancakes:  [MishMish]  Bear Hot Cakes 1li each  @Mainstore


Chair: [Sallie] 1. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Dining Chair (light) 2li @Mainstore

Hanging roses: [Half Deer] Hanging Dried Flowers – Spring – Single Short 1li each


*all above items have been provided by creators for blogging / review purposes. 

**My avatar is wearing the Legacy body and Genus Classic mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Box of sandwich & drink: [Tentacio] bunny box 2li @The Food Court

Vending machine: [Tentacio] food vending pink 4li @Mainstore

Wall/Backdrop: [Ninety]  hey pink [ backdrop ] +resize 31li @Mainstore

Hair: [Doux] Playful @Mainstore

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