Sparkly Bearpagne with a dash of Moo

It was my first day back at work today and I think I got far too spoilt with all that time at home for the Easter spring break that work seemed to take an inordinately long time. However, it was the BEST Easter break ever!

As if to subconsciously celebrate the blast I had, I’ve drowned my Bear girl in lots of sparkly drink. I think she’s just pretending to look stoic because I bet the bubbles tickle. I want to have a large bath of Champagne. Do you think it is possible though that it might seep into your skin and make you drunk? I’m not sure how it would work.

The other things I would really love to try in a large bath? Baked beans! A huge bathtub of Baked beans or Milk. I’ve always wondered what a milk bath would be like. I would like to try a gloopy, rainbow coloured, glow in the dark, slimy bath.

Oh, yes! I loved the cows so much that they joined me for another photo and they seem to be having just as much fun in all those bubbles.




Hair: [Tram] l0414 hair @Soiree


Tattoo (Head): [Stardust] Asteriana – Angel Tattoo @The Fantasy Faire

Tattoo (Chest): [Stardust] Asteria – Angel Tattoo @The Fantasy Faire

Tattoo (legs): [Stardust] Aster – Angel Tattoo @The Fantasy Faire


Lingerie: [The Secret Store] Tabatha Bodysuit (Freya, Maitreya, HG) @Collabor88


Stockings: [Cubic Cherry] Fishnet Stockings – White (Pastel set) @FameshedX

Cows: [MishMish] Moo @Kustom9


*all above items have been kindly provided by Creators for blogging/review purposes


Drinks set (pouring champagne, glasses and bottle): [Schadenfreude] Etoile Rose champagne set @Collabor88 

These items used for the set have been resized much much larger so my avatar can sit in them.



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