Somewhere I wasn’t

Somewhere I wasn't

Part two of my adventures in visiting sims and taking pictures. I rarely do it. I tend to like to make it very hard for myself and come up with scenes myself. It’s a nice challenge though but ultimately I have control over everything. Almost.

When I go out to take pictures on location I have less control. I usually can’t rezz things which means less control around things I can rezz and poses I can use. I have a way of getting round rezzing certain items. I might explain it one day soon. It would give me something to talk about on a video at least.

Sometimes though, it all just works together very well, like the last post in the van. Today’s post is taken at Drune. It’s a neat little photographic area. As soon as you step in you think, yes. Yes, this is it. It’s like stepping into a different world. It may be small but it has been one of the few sims I have found in terms of Sci-Fi environment that I have liked. Most have been a little bit of a let down. This one however does not disappoint. Have a visit for yourself.

Today’s outfit comes from a mixture of two shopping avenues. The Arcade and Collabor88. Not been yet? Then you’re in luck. I’ve got a shopping list below. If you have been and didn’t notice these items, it’s okay. It usually takes me at least two visits (possibly three) to see all the items there.


Items from The Arcade

Headphones: [Vrsion] SLS13 Headphone BG

Top (jacket): [Mug] Winter Cutie – #2 Puffer Vest RARE (this gacha caters for Maitreya, Legacy, Freya, V-tech and Sking Katena sizes in the same item. You change to the body you want via HUD.)

Jeans: [Valentine] Devil Slayer Jeans (female) RARE (Bulge L, M and S are also available in this gacha)

Holster: [Valentine] Devil Slayer – Holster Belt RARE (Maitreya)

Guns: [Valentine] Devil Slayer Pistol (L & R Holsted) Black


alone at christmas close cropped.png


Items from Collabor88

Necklace: [LaGyo] Neva Pearl Choker

Hair: [Tram] l1126b Hair

Earring: [Maxi Gossamer] Earrings – Diamond Hoops


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes

**Mesh body used is the Legacy female mesh body combined with Genus mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Sim: Drune

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