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Something’s late…is it brunch?

What to do when you miss breakfast but it’s still a little too early for lunch?


Featuring items from Ionic

Ionic’s My Kitchen gacha and Mi Casita gacha with items also from Cafeteria Gacha and Fiesta gacha and more. Unless item is specified to belong to a different gacha items listed below are from My Kitchen gacha.


Cake: [ionic] Pear white cake 2li
Bread: [ionic] Milk & bread 3li
Slices of bread: [ionic] White and Integral bread 4li
Croissants & Jam:  [ionic] Homemade croissants 4li
Pate & Crackers: [ionic] Vegetable pate 5li

On the counter in the background – Eggs: [ionic] Bio Eggs 3li

Cooker/sink area: [ionic] My Kitchen 17li


The following items are from Ionic's Fiesta gacha

Yellow drink: [ionic] Lemonade Drink
Strawberry drink: [ionic] Strawberry Drink 3li each


The following items are from the Cafeteria Gacha

Hanging plant: [ionic] Hanging Plant 5li
Counter: [ionic] Worktop a 3li
Coffee machine: [ionic] Coffee Machine 4li
Book pile under counter: [ionic] bear mug & books 2li


The following items come from different gachas

Tray with dip (behind crackers): [ionic] Empanadas Argentinas 5li (from Mi Casita gacha)

Table: [ionic] Mesa de comedor 1li (from Mi Casita gacha)

Fridge: [ionic] Color Fridge & Magnets 4li (from Stories from the City gacha)

Curtain: [ionic] Translucent curtain [A] 4li (from Spirit gacha)

Chair: [ionic] Silla de comedor 2li (from Mi Casita gacha)

Dish drainer: [ionic] Dish drainer 7li (from Stories from the City gacha)


Items available from What Next Mainstore

Plant on top fridge: {what next} Pothos Plant (trailing) 1li

Pile of cake boxes: {what next} Patisserie Cake Box (stack) 2li


**all the above items have been kindly provided by Creators for blogging / review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Butter dish: [vespertine] butterdish yellow plate 1li

cheese plant: [dust bunny] potted cheese plant 4li

Teapot: [random.Matter] Garden Party – Teapot [Blue] 1li

Flower in vase: [bazar ] Paris – Flowers 1li


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