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Something warm

Something Warm

It’s definately Autumn although my memories of pas Autumns are so corrupted I don’t remember if it was ever this wet and cold. It probably was and I just do not recall but it does make me thankful to be home and able to have control over my heating. It also means no rain drenched rides into work on my bicycle. That’s always a bonus. In keeping with the theme please enjoy some Collabor88 Autumnal goodness.

There isn’t too much else for me to say today since I have to get back to work and I’m stealing little quiet times out to write this up. I’m also going to be trying to bake a bread loaf again today. This time a white loaf. Wish me luck. I did, however want to make sure this went up since I haven’t had time to put it up since it was taken on Sunday. I’m just waiting for my days off and then I get to go crazy taking SL pictures again. So exciting.

In the meantime, get ready because your credits are going to come flying past…fast!





Hat/hair: [Tram] J1028 hair {@Collabor88}

Eyeshadow: [Adored] Velveteen Shadows – Earthbound Edition (BOM) {@Collabor88}

Outfit: [Baiastice] Woollen Outfit (L.Perky, H.Petite, Hourglass, Freya, Legacy, M.Petite, Maitreya) {@Collabor88}

Tights: [Nylon Outfitters] Fall Tights Lace (BOM) {@Collabor88}

Pose and cup: [Space Cadet] Fresh hot tea {@Collabor88}



Face Mask: [C’est La Vie] Face Mask 02 (RARE) {@Mainstore}

Jumper: [Salt & Pepper] Hazel Sweater (Maitreya, M. Petite, Legacy) {@Collabor88}

Skirt: [Salt & Pepper] Hazel Skirt (Maitreya, Legacy) {@Collabor88}



Seating: [What Next] Penryn Arbour Seat (with deck) 10Li {@Mainstore}

Picture collage: [What Next] Fall Wall Collage 2Li {@Mainstore}

Apple cider tray (on top of book stack): [What Next] Apple Cider Tray 1Li {@Mainstore}

Book Stack: [What Next] Lisbeth Book Pile (Fall) 1Li {@Mainstore}

Crate: [What Next] Lisbeth Crate Table 1Li {@Mainstore}

Potted plant: [What Next] Pothos Plant (stand) 2Li {@Mainstore}

Doughnuts: [What Next] Fall Doughnuts 1Li {@Mainstore}

String jar lights: [What Next] Candle Jar String Lights (stars) 6Li  {@Mainstore}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**mesh body used in shots are the Legacy Perky combined with the Lelutka Ryn mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Open book with cups: [Merak] – Fall Treats

Bowl of soup and bread: [Dust Bunny] taste of autumn . bowl of soup 1Li

Penut butter/Jam tray: [Dust Bunny] pbj time . prep board 1LI

Cup rack: {vespertine} – woodland cup hanger. 2LI

Potted plant with tiny leaves: [Nutmeg] 5. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Potted Flowering Tree 3Li

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