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It’s Thursday and yes, I’m here with your scheduled post. Today it’s a decor only post. I’ve been looking forward to an interior decor only post and today’s feature is Fancy Decor and What Next, two of my favourate Decor stores. I also wanted to have something that was simply decorated. I do like the fact that althought the picture collection on the wall comes in a larger size it is actually possible to resize them smaller to fit your wall as I did with the images on the side with the potted plants. It didn’t take too much fiddling either. The set of photos come with a texture change which allows you to change the collection of images portrayed. In this I used cities and drawings. There are two floral types too.

Inworld unedited shots using Nams optimal skin and prim windlight

Okay, so lets talk about the computer because before we say anything can we agree it’s gorgeous. It’s so sleek and pretty and this is the precise type of monitor I want in real life. I’m so jealous of my avatar. I’ve been saving up for a few months but I still have a little way to go. I wish I could say it is the only thing I have on my wish list but the one I want is white. Naturally I have to pick the most difficult of things to bond to. I can’t make my life easy and go for black or silver electronics. I have to go for the unusual colours and thus deal with the premiums associated with them. I know how happy it will make me so I’m okay with trying to be patient.

I even love the little cup of coffee, I don’t know, it feels alive with just that touch which is why I put it on the side that I would normally put mine. I tend to keep my liquids far enough away from my computer when it’s on my desk as I don’t trust myself and my ginormous uncoordinated hands. If I’m being honest I had wanted more sunlight in the image, however the light had other ideas. On this side of my in-world house it just refused to do anything more than peek through the windows and this didn’t change regardless of the angle. In a way, it worked out perfectly fine. The little strip of sunshine grew on me and made me feel like if I just opened the curtain a little more I would probably be doused in sunshine. A lot like now, my desk in bathed in sunshine in real life having opened up my curtain and since sunshine is currently a rare boon I’m going to bask in it for as long as it hangs around. So, while I return to stuffing my face with M&M peanuts and a whole mug full of coffee here are come the credits.


Computer: [Fancy Decor] Stewart Ultrawide Monitor 1li {@Equal10}
Chair: [Fancy Decor] Stewart Computer Chair 2li {@Equal10}
Desk: [Fancy Decor] Stewart Desk {@Equal10}
Mini computer desktop: [Fancy Decor] Stewart Mini Computer {@Equal10}
Monitor stand: [Fancy Decor] Stewart Monitor Stand 1li {@Equal10}
Keyboard: [Fancy Decor] Stewart Keyboard 1li {@Equal10}

Mouse: [Fancy Decor] Stewart Mouse 1li {@Equal10}
Mouse Mat: [Fancy Decor] Stewart Desk Mat 1li {@Equal10}
Flask: [Fancy Decor] Stewart Insulated Carafe 1li {@Equal10}
Cup: [Fancy Decor] Stewart Mug & Coaster 1li {@Equal10}
Tulip vase: [Fancy Decor] Flora Tulip Vase 1li {@Mainstore}
Flower Lamp: [Fancy Decor] Flower Lamp – Black 1li {@Bloom}

Book on desk: [KraftWork] Assorted Books . Cut Out Cover Book 1li  {@Mainstore}
Bookshelf: [KraftWork] Assorted Books . Mini Book Stand 4li {@Mainstore}
Book types list: Assorted Books (books used from pack to fill the bookshelf starting from the table towards the wall) {@Mainstore}
[KraftWork] Assorted Books . Right End Mix 1li
[KraftWork] Assorted Books . Book Pile 3 1li

[KraftWork] Assorted Books . Book Pile 2 1li
[KraftWork] Assorted Books . Book Pile 1 1li
[KraftWork] Assorted Books . Book Row 1li

Potted plant 1: [What Next] Snake Plant (stand) 2li {@Mainstore}
Potted plant 2: [What Next] House Plant – Rubber Tree (stand) 2li {@Mainstore}
Plant in foreground: [What Next] House Plant – Eucalyptus (stand) 2li {@Mainstore}
♡ Poster Frame: [Fancy Decor] Russell Poster A 1li {@Mainstore}
♡ Curtain: [What Next] Chelsea Curtains (with panel) 1li {@Mainstore}
♡ Frame collection:
[What Next] Picture Gallery Frames (Classic) 1li{@Mainstore}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

Suporting Cast

Building used: [Onsu] “Bridgewater” House ~ Washed ~ Smaller Tex Ver 116li
Rug: [DDD] Furry Rugs – Low LOD 1li


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