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Society’s games

Society's games

Today’s image is a strictly home and garden picture. Not a bear in sight. In fact I banned her from appearing at all in this. In some things it is just preferable to sit back and enjoy the set up.

The seating is by Fancy Decor, the chairs, side tables and floor lamps as well as the wine is part of the Garnet Set available at Uber’s birthday round. It comes in either PG or Adult with a completely updated roster of animations, new sits, couple and intimate poses as well as lap dance poses. The wine bottle also gives out a drinkable glass of wine.

The console table is also by Fancy Decor but this time at Fameshed. It’s set includes the console table, canvas and wire baskets as well as the black and white vases. I felt it was so complimentary to the Garnet Set that they simply had to be blogged together. There’s something about the colour combinations of black and brown and golds that makes me think ‘sultry elegance’. You feel rich just by sinking your bottom into a seat and being surrounded by it’s sensuality.

The picture frame on the windowsill is by What Next, I hadn’t really put a shelf of pictures on a windowsill before but it just really worked. It is made even better by the fact that the frame set comes with a texture change built in which allows you to change the colour of the woods between white, black and wood. The images also change too. In this shot I chose the botanical because it went with all the foliage in the room.

The luxurious ottoman is by Refuge and it also comes in Pg or Adult options. I tried out the PG and I loved that it came with so many animations. It has both 1 seater and 2 seater animations. Being a single bear I tried the single animations and there were already 14 sits and 6 lounging sits. I hadn’t even got to the 2 seat animations!

Everything is set within the gorgeous setting of Ionic’s Dream of Stars Rare Skybox. I put in a new floor of lighter wood to go with  the lighter woods and golds of the room and all the beautiful extra pieces that bring the room together are from the same gacha. I was so in love with the drop garland along the windows edge that I went a bit crazy.

To add to the quirky items in the room to look at I thought it was completely natural to then put in an old style projector by keke. Did you know actually projects? If you look closely you will see the little golden dots reflected off the black chair. It’s from the projector. There is also another that projects the worlds I love you so. Need any more be said?




Items by Fancy Decor @UBER

Fancy Decor: Garnet Wingback – brown – adult 3li

Fancy Decor: Garnet Wingback – black – adult 3li

Fancy Decor: Garnet Table (black) 1li

Fancy Decor: Garnet Table (wood) 1li

Fancy Decor: Garnet Wine (touch for glass) 2li

Fancy Decor: Garnet Floor Lamp (black) 2li

Fancy Decor: Garnet Floor Lamp (gold) 2li


society games 3rd close up jpg ver.jpg


Items by Fancy Decor @FAMESHED

Fancy Decor: Damon Console Table 2li

Fancy Decor: Damon Ugly Society Canvas 1li

Fancy Decor: Damon Basket 2li each (2 pictured)

Fancy Decor: Damon Vase (black) 1li

Fancy Decor: Damon Vase (white) 1li


society games close 1 jpg ver.jpg


Items by Refuge @MAINSTORE

Refuge – Selene Ottoman Black/G (PG) 6li


Items from Ionic‘s Dream of Stars gacha @MAINSTORE

ionic : Moon nightstand 5li

ionic : Antique telescope 7li

ionic : Wooden garland (A) 1li each

ionic : Windchime {gold} 4li

ionic : Constellation lamp 4li (on wall)

ionic : Firmament ball 2li (sphere on top of console)

ionic : Dream of Stars {Dark} – RARE 153li (build/skybox)


Items by Keke @MAINSTORE

[ keke ] dreamers projector – spots 2li


society games close 2 jpg.png


Items by What Next @MAINSTORE

{what next} Bailey Picture Shelf (small) 1li

{what next} Pothos Plant (trailing) 1li each (2 used) (Next to cat on windowsill. White and gold pots- texture change)

{what next} Diamonds Rug (natural) – small 1li


More Items…

.random.Matter. – The Collector – VHS Tapes 1li @MAINSTORE

.random.Matter. – The Collector – Comic Boxes 1li @MAINSTORE

Mithral * Vertical Wall Pipe Hanger (Gold) 4li (on wall) @MAINSTORE

Mithral * Calathea Zebrina (Copper Pot) 1li (on windowsill/ledge) @MAINSTORE

Mithral * Calathea Medallion (Diamond Pot) 1li  @MAINSTORE



Supporting cast

Apple Fall Roses Box (White) 1li

dust bunny . potted cheese plant 4li

dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree 6li

Fapple- Fortune Cat – Group Gift 1li

JIAN Forest Cat Static – Stare 1li

extra items on console…

dust bunny . wiccan artistry . herb bottles 1li

dust bunny . wiccan book stack 1li

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