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Snow Fae

Snow Fae

Happy Thanksgiving! Today’s image is a credits only post which means I won’t be talking too long, or in this case ‘writing too much’. I’m just going to be taking you through the look and what my thought process was in only a few sentences. It’s my turn to make dinner today and I’m going to make sure I have everything done before I get dragged away kicking and screaming.

Here goes…my avatar is wearing the really sexy but at the same time very cute outfit by Miwas. Is it really weird to be self consious in an avatar? I tend to feel quite self consious sometimes and this is naughty enough for me to ask myself if I’m really going to go out like this. At the same time it is cute enough for me to say why the heck not, this outfit is so cute!

I brought back the cute bears by Half Deer, they are the cutest and I love them. I imagine they are so fluffy and nice to hug. I also used Stardust’s poses available at tannenbaum for that ‘I’m just a casual magical goddess’ look. Oh, were you there? I didn’t even know.  Did I say cute yet?

The hair is also from Tannenbaum and it is by Limerance. I don’t think I’ve worn Limerance for a little while and isn’t this one really cute? it’s simple but really sweet. I like the buns but usually it is guaranteed that I will love things with buns. In this though, it is the way the hair falls straight down and over the shoulders without taking up too much room, it’s just a straight soft fall. I really like how it fits. Also it works well with your favourate hairbase.

Nevermind, it turned out to be a few paragraphs. It’s okay, it will be okay because I’m starting them now…



Hair: [Limerance] Jill Hair {@Tannenbaum}

Antlers: [Limerance] Jill Antler {@Tannenbaum}

Ears: [Sweet Thing] Nahri Ears {@Mainstore}

Pose: [Stardust] Frostine – 02 Bento Pose + Snowflakes {@Tannenbaum}

Bindi: [Stardust] Bonus: Snowflake Bindi (from pose pack) {@Tannenbaum}

Bodysuit: [Miwas]  Sabrina Bodysuit (Freya, Legacy, M.Petite, Maitreya, Legacy perky) {@Equal10}

Robe: [Miwas] Sabrina Robe (Freya, Legacy, M.Petite, Maitreya, Legacy perky) {@Equal10}

Heels: [Miwas] Sabrina Heels (B.Freya, Maitreya, Legacy) {@Equal10}

Leg Straps: [Miwas] Leg Straps (Freya, Legacy, Maitreya) {@Equal10}


Decor items used…

Bears: [Half Deer] Polar Bear Cub {@Collabor88}

Glowing bubbles: [Lagom] Mist bubbles (Pink) 1Li each *resized* {@Mainstore}

Glowing mist on ground: [Lagom] Springmist [White] 1Li {@Mainstore}


*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

*Mesh body used in today’s post is the Maitreya Lara with the Petite attachment. Mesh head is the Lelutka Ryn.


Supporting Cast

Wings: [Blueberry] Icon Angel Wings

Veil: [Moon Amore] BrideDreams/ Pure Veil – Rose

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